12 Colorful DIY Projects to Brighten Your Office

Looking for a fun and creative way to add a vibrant pop of color to your office space? Reinvigorate your office with any of these colorful and functional DIY projects. I included a link to the simple step-by-step instructions for each of these projects below.

1. DIY Organizing Drawer Dividers
Colorful DIY drawer dividers
Image via The Crafting Nook

These pretty drawer dividers were made using scrapbook card stock so you can make them as colorful or plain as you like. Putting them together just requires some careful measuring, cutting and gluing.

View instructions on The Crafting Nook.

2. Fun & Creative DIY Paint Chip Calendar
Color swatch calendar
Image via Better Homes & Gardens

Transform paint swatches in your favorite colors into an eye-catching and colorful calendar. Aside from the paint swatches, all you need is a picture frame, tape and a dry-erase marker.

View instructions on DIY Projects.

3. Rainbow Desk Organizer
Rainbow desk organizer
Image via A Kailo Chic Life

Add a beautiful pop of rainbow colors to your office with this rainbow desk organizer. Made with wood rounds, a wood base or cork trivet from Ikea and acrylic craft paint in rainbow colors. Note: the instructions mentioned using a chop saw to cut the wood circles in half, but I noticed pre-cut half circles on Etsy.

View instructions on A Kailo Chic Life.

4. Desk Organizer from Recycled Materials
Colorful desk organizer from recycled materials
Image via Mod Podge Rocks

Use leftover cereal boxes and paper towel or toilet paper tubes to make this very cool and unique desk organizer. The colorful patterns are made from scrapbook paper trimmed with ribbons.

View instructions on Mod Podge Rocks.

5. Custom Mouse Pad
DIY custom mouse pad
Image via A Little Tipsy

A fun and easy project. All you need to create your own custom mouse pad is wrapping paper, spray adhesive and a transparent desk pad.

View instructions on A Little Tipsy.

6. Colorful Desk Organizer
Colorful cork and boxes desk organizer
Image via A Subtle Revelry

There’s plenty of room to express your creativity when making a clever desk organizer like this one. It was made using cork board and painted paper mache boxes.

View instructions on A Subtle Revelry.

7. Mini Wood Crates Organizer
Mini wood crates organizer
Image via Delicious and DIY

Another simple and easy DIY project with a colorful result. You can find the wood crates at a bargain at Michaels or other craft store and elevate their style with a little acrylic paint in your favorite colors.

View instructions on Delicious and DIY.

8. DIY Notebook Cover
DIY notebook cover
Image via Crazy Little Projects

Easily transform a basic composition notebook into a work of art using a little fabric and a glue stick. You’ll look forward to taking notes in this notebook!

View instructions on Crazy Little Projects.

9. DIY Homework Caddy
Duck tap colorful caddy
Image via Aunt Peaches

This homework caddy/desk organizer is easy to make using leftover cereal, pasta, or other boxes assembled together with colorful duck tape.

View instructions on Aunt Peaches.

10. Colorful Clipboard
Colorful clipboard
Image via Gathering Beauty

Easily add a colorful and elegant design to a plain and boring clipboard using gift wrap and a glue stick.

View instructions on Gathering Beauty.

11. Painted Wood Container
Painted wood container
Image via Tell Love and Party

This DIY project takes small geometric wood containers and paints them with bright acrylic colors to make stylish containers for office supplies or plants.

View instructions on Tell Love and Party.

12. Colorful Tin Can Organizer
Tin can organizer
Image via Suburbia Unwrapped

Another creative, simple and inexpensive DIY project! This one uses leftover tin cans and colorful washi tape glued together into a unique organizer.

View instructions on Suburbia Unwrapped.